O's Home O-pener

Posted by Dave Nichols | Monday, April 09, 2007 | 0 comments »

Just got back from the O's home opener. Cabrera looked really good, mixing in a good hard curve with fastballs of 92-97 mph, depending on the situation. If he can control two different fastballs, to go with the slider and hard curve, he'll be tough any day he pitches. He didn't walk anyone, and the only really hard hit ball was Granderson's triple in the 8th.

Crazy Sammy left him out for the eighth, and a total of 122 pitches, and after the game basically said, "Daniel's a horse, he can handle it." I'm not sure you want to set a precedent in a guy's second start, but it show confidence in the guy to out there and win the game for you.

The O's still really aren't hitting all that much, but if they bunch it up like they did today, you can get the W just the same.

And call the fire department, Kevin Millar is on fire! First with the Ray-Ray dance on his intro, then he clubs another first-pitch homer. I guess he hopes Jay Payton spends another couple weeks in Sarasota rehabbing that hammy.