Shawn Hill must go...on the DL, that is

Posted by Dave Nichols | Saturday, May 12, 2007 | 0 comments »

We attended the game last night, sitting in our actual seats behind home plate in the upper deck, section 422, row 3. First off, what did the aliens do with the real Cristian Guzman? He actually looked replacement level last night! That will be it for my attempt at comedy this morning.

Shawn Hill looked great again, of course until halting his warm-ups for the sixth inning. We waited around after the game and got some autographs, and Hill was one of the last players out. After saying good night and hugging all 30 or so family members he had in for the game, he actually came of the the half-dozen of us left and signed and talked with us. He said he was sore, but not alarmingly. During that last warm-up he said he felt a twinge that ran from his elbow up his forearm a little and decided that he shouldn't continue. He said the tests (he didn't say MRI) showed nothing structural, just inflammation and that he should be ready after the 15 DL stint. We got it straight from the horses mouth.

Big thanks to Hill coming over to talk with us, stand up guy after leaving the game hurt. Hopefully last night's diagnosis is correct and he'll be back on the "hill" in two weeks. Sorry, couldn't resist.