Everyone Has a Rankings System

Posted by Dave Nichols | Monday, June 11, 2007 | 0 comments »

We're 40% into the season, time to draw some comparisons and rank the teams. I'll rank by leagues, AL today, NL tomorrow. Most of these lists rank overall, which I find to be less helpful. The numbers after each team are (Wins-Losses-Run Differential-Games Back in Division-Games Back in Wild Card), and then some pithy commentary for each.


1) Boston (40-22, 80, 0, 0) Most secure lead in baseball. Only Boston can afford to leave its best major-league ready pitching prospect (Jon Lester) in AAA.

2) Los Angeles (40-24, 56, 0, 0) The Angels have second best home record in AL. Could use some of their home-grown young talent to fetch a middle-of-the-order bat.

3) Cleveland (37-24, 47, 0, 0) We keep waiting for Sizemore to go on that really big tear. Again, it's the pitching. This year is really proving that all over.

4) Detroit (36-26, 67, 1.5, 0) The bullpen troubles so far haven't really hurt the Tigers, but it'll catch up to them. Sheffield is playing possessed right now.

5) Oakland (34-28, 45, 5, 3.5) Given up fewest runs in AL. Kendall is KILLING this team. A league average bat in the leadoff would be a 4-5 game difference.

6) Seattle (34-28, 13, 4.5, 3) Seattle is hot and really showing strides in being a good ball club. Brandon Morrow is dominant in the pen and going to be a stud for them, starting or closing.

7) New York (30-31, 50, 9.5, 5.5) Hot streak recently to coincide with Giambi's latest injury. Injury, or side-effect? Either way, seems they're better off without him.

8) Minnesota (30-31, 2, 7, 5.5) They just can't score enough runs, even with Mauer, Morneau and Hunter in the middle. If they can find someone to get on base ahead of those three, look out.

9) Toronto (30-32, -1, 10, 6) Frank Thomas hasn't hit like last year, they keep getting guys hurt, and can't find any pitching after Halladay and Burnett.

10) Baltimore (29-34, 5, 11.5, 7.5) Win three, lose four. It's the story of their season. Just when they look like they'll get on a roll, the bats disappear. Revamped bullpen not worth the money spent.

11) Chicago (27-32, -51, 9, 7.5) They're not as bad as that run differential (fewest runs scored in AL), but not far off. Podsednick and Erstad are not completely to blame, the mindset to keep sending them out there is.

12) Tampa Bay (28-33, -37, 11.5, 7.5) I'm beginning to think being named after a body of water instead of a city is the problem. Nope, it's pitching. But there's promise there with Sheilds and Sonnenstine. Not sure Kazmir "gets it".

13) Kansas City (24-40, -71, 14.5, 13) Different year, same story. Given up second most runs in AL. Gordon still a year (at least) away. Meche credible but unsupported.

14) Texas (23-40, -60, 16.5, 13.5) Biggest disappointment in baseball. The excuses for poor pitching don't hold up, they're just bad. Daniels has blown three big trades, and Washington has lost the clubhouse in 60 games. A disaster.