MLB Amateur Draft Held Today (You didn't hear?)

Posted by Dave Nichols | Thursday, June 07, 2007 | 0 comments »

Yes, today is the MLB Amateur Entry Draft, which is quite a misnomer since it does not include any imported talent not from Canada. Anyway, it starts in about an hour, the O's pick #5 and the Nats #6.

They are both looking at a group of players including high school hitters Josh Vitters, Matt Domiguez and Mike Moustakas, high school pitcher Phillippe Aumont and college pitcher Ross Detwiler.

There are two real big wild cards in this draft accoring to experts, and they are switch-hitting catcher Matt Wieters from Georgia Tech and NJ high school pitcher Rick Porcello. They are both considered to be the best prospects in their quad (HS Hitter/Pitcher, College H/P). The problem? They are both represented by Angel of Darkness Scott Boras.

The O's have a long-time hatred of Boras, stemming all the way back to the Ben McDonald draft. They are reluctant with him for two reasons: 1) Boras always gets his way, and 2) Angelos always gets his way. We all know how well that's working out for Pete in the baseball arena.

So here is's Summary of Wieters:

Summary: Outstanding offensive and defensive catcher. At the plate, he has an easy, fluid swing; sprays the field with line drives, but can really put a charge into balls, especially from the LH side. Behind the plate, he's got a laser arm, gets up out of the crouch quickly on pop-ups, looks comfortable. Biggest question is whether a guy his size (listed at 6-6) can handle catching long-term. Easily the best college bat in this draft.

Sounds like someone you'd want in your line-up, no? This might as well be the summary of this guy.

I know it's easy to spend someone elses money for unproven talent, but c'mon, HE'S A SWITCH HITTING MIDDLE OF THE ORDER CATCHER!!!