O's Take Two of Three at Fenway South

Posted by Dave Nichols | Monday, August 13, 2007 | 0 comments »

Over on Camden Chat, we've been having an exhaustive discussion about the embarrassing display at Camden Yards this weekend, amplified by Saturday's game being on national tv. If you happened to miss it, the O's set a three-game attendance record over the weekend, and the large majority of fannies in the seats belonged to the chowdah-loving, red and blue clad members of Red Sox Nation.

Don't get me wrong, I don't begrudge anyone from travelling and seeing their team on the road, or for wearing their colors in the opposing team's stadium. I'm the guy that wore my Caps jersey inside the old Spectrum for crying out loud. It's just that when the majority of those in attendance are for the other team, and the "Yous" for Kevin Youkilis are louder that the "Oh" in "Oh Say Can You See", you gotta draw the line.

So I guess this is my open letter to Orioles fans. If you still care about the Orioles, go to these games. Don't bother with Kansas City or Tampa Bay, but go to the games against Boston and New York. I know it's hard. I stopped going. But I was wrong. We were wrong.

Look, Angelos is going to get his money either way since these games sell out. So that excuse doesn't wash. If you want to hurt his pocketbook, don't eat or drink at the games. But still go. You heard Brian Roberts in the newspaper say it was embarrassing. You think that doesn't play on the mind of every potential free agent out there, and for that matter, the guys who will be free agents currently playing?

It's too late this year, but next year, when the tickets go on sale, that VERY FIRST DAY, buy tickets. Buy as many as you can afford. And then use them. Or give them to another O's fan. Or give them to a local school or church. But make sure they wear Orange.