Ladies' Night at Nationals Park

Posted by Dave Nichols | Friday, June 06, 2008 | , , | 0 comments »

Last night was Ladies' Night at Nationals Park. And although I did not attend, due to the fact that I am certainly no lady, staff photographer Cheryl did with many of our friends and had a fabulous time.

There were many vendors providing luxurious services, such as chair massages and manicures, foods and drinks available for sampling, celebrities for gawking,
and even player appearances.

The highlight for Cheryl was the appearance by the Savvy Girls of Summer, promoting their new book, It Takes More Than Balls. It's a book about just what you would expect, the female point of view to being a fan of major league baseball.

It's not really a how-to, but there is some of that. It's more of a book about having a relationship with baseball from the female fan's point of view. There's a good bit of history, a rules primer, a strategy guide, some nuts-and-bolts about the players and positions on the field, some flavor and humor about some of the game's greats, and even methodology and instruction on keeping score -- and not just of the game itself. I haven't read it cover-to-cover yet, but the reviews are excellent and promise enjoyment for all fans, not just for the female persuasion.

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