Wednesday Night's Line-ups

Posted by Dave Nichols | Wednesday, June 04, 2008 | , | 0 comments »

Straight from Nats' media guy Bill Gluvna:


Ryan 3B
Barton LF
Mather CF
Ludwick RF
Glaus 1B
Molina C
Miles 2B
Wellemeyer P
Izturis SS


Guzman SS
Dukes RF
Milledge CF
Boone 1B
Casto 3B
Flores C
Pena LF
Harris 2B
Lannan P
1) No Pujols. Guess he really did strain his calf.
2) No FLop. Mr. Uninterested, take a seat. You apparently don't like playing in the rain anyway.
3) Cory Kasto hitting fifth! Wow, can we find someone who can hit?
4) Nieves not catching for Lannan for the first time this year (thanks for the tip, Kristen!)
5) Dukes, hitting .148/.294/.185 in the two-hole.
6) They actually posted line-ups. No way they play tonight.