GB&U: I'm Back (and another one bites the dust)!

Posted by Dave Nichols | Monday, July 14, 2008 | , , , | 0 comments »

So what happens when a blogger leaves town for 13 days and only posts two only-tangentially-related-to-baseball posts? Almost everyone stops reading!

Thanks to the few of you who checked in every day only to find: NOTHING! It's nice to know someone was looking for unfiltered content.

Now, back to the grind.

GOOD: Ronnie Belliard! Three homers and 10 RBIs since July 1. Granted, all three homers and 9 of 10 RBIs came in just two games. But still. By the way, if you had Belliard leading the Nats in homers at the All-Star break, come collect your winnings.

BAD: Can I cop out and say "Everything Else"? The Nats are 3-10 since I left for vacation July 1. They were shut out three times in the stretch. Guzman is now hitting in the 3-hole. Wow. The team is hitting .239/.314/.358. Basically, the team's overall average's look a lot like this guy's career numbers. Not good.

UGLY: I don't wish injury on anyone, especially the way this team has lost players. But the latest scheduled surgery doesn't look to affect the bottom line all that much. Wily Mo Pena is scheduled to have rotator cuff/labrum surgery in the next 7 to 10 days. The team will make an announcement along the lines of "Surgery successful, out 4-6 weeks" or some other nonsense, but I imagine we've seen the last of WMP this year, maybe for good.

NEXT GAME: Nats are off for the all-star break until Friday when they start a three-game series with the Braves in Atlanta. I think they, and all Nats fans, can use the break.