Well Said

Posted by Dave Nichols | Tuesday, July 29, 2008 | | 0 comments »

Dave at USS Mariner, one of the higher thinking fan blogs going, had some very important ideas to consider today as we ponder the upcoming trade deadline:

Slowly but surely, teams are realizing the truth - prospects aren’t some willy-nilly lottery ticket that should be cashed in at the first chance to acquire a player you’ve actually heard of. Good teams build from within, and while there are trades that make sense for both teams, the crazy “my kingdom for a horse” type deals have seen their last days.

Here's the link to the entire post: http://ussmariner.com/2008/07/29/mlb-teams-are-learning/.

For all the Nats fans that have been crying that Bowden didn't get enough for Rauch, these are words to think about, digest and consider. He was closing this season due to a new opportunity, nothing else. If he'd been setting up Cordero, per the plan, we'd be throwing JimBow a parade. As I've been saying since the trade, closers grow on trees, and the Nats will find another closer. But they got absolutely fair value for Rauch in the deal. The D-Backs get a surly, reliable set-up guy that hasn't blown his shoulder out in a while and the Nats get a slick-fielding 2B with 40 steal speed that is still learning plate discipline.

Here's hoping some desperate GM that hasn't gotten the message yet (Omar Minaya, anyone) will give us something of value for practically nothing.