GB&U: The Kids Are Alright

Posted by Dave Nichols | Saturday, August 02, 2008 | , , , , | 0 comments »

RESULT: Nats beat Griffey-less Reds 5-2.

GOOD: Infield Defense. Although that sells them short since they both made their presence felt hitting as well. SS Alberto Gonzalez and 2B Emilio Bonifacio both made a couple of tremendous plays, Gonzo on ranging for ground balls Guz doesn't even sniff and Boni leaping to snare two line drive sin the ninth to close it out. Welcome to DC boys.

And Elijah Dukes went 2-for-4 with two RBIs, even if he seemed to lumber a bit scoring from second base. I asked him after the game and he said, "No problems at all, man." So we'll take him at his word. He certainly didn't have a problem with his swing.

Odalis Perez gave up one earned on three hits and three walks in 7.1 IP, getting his first win at Nationals Park.

BAD: Kory Casto. 0-for-4, four left on base.

UGLY: Didn't you used to be Homer Bailey? Ouch. His fastball had zero life on it, looking like a BP fastball until Dusty Baker gave him the hook after two innings. Wow, so much for prize prospect.

INJURY UPDATE: Guz and Zim both sit nursing sore digits. Still both day-to-day.

NEXT GAME: Saturday at 7:10 pm against the Reds. Jason Bergman (1-8, 4.13) faces off with Josh Fogg (2-3, 7.84).