GB&U: 18 Is Not Enough

Posted by Dave Nichols | Thursday, September 11, 2008 | , , , , , | 0 comments »

RESULT: Nats lose to Mets 13-10.

GOOD: Cristian Guzman. First career two home run game. 5 RBIs. Elijah Dukes. Home run, did not take Pelfrey's head off after the beaning.

BAD: Opening Day Odalis Perez. Yuck. I won't even type his numbers. Joel Hanrahan. Another home run allowed. Sa-ool Rivera. The season can't end fast enough for him. He's throwing meatballs up there right now.

UGLY: Dukes taunting the Mets fans. I'm going to say this slowly so everyone knows where I stand: I am the biggest unabashed Dukes fan around here, I think the kid can hit 40 home runs (sorry if I'm propounding Bill Ladson-like hyperbole here). But he has to know that his actions last night night were wrong and irresponsible.

INJURY UPDATE: Flores tried to do some simple drills pre-game and had to stop. He ain't coming back this year, it would be foolhardy to think and prepare otherwise.

NEXT GAME: Second off-day this week today. Nats start a three-game series with the Marlins Friday. If you play a Major League baseball game, and no one is there to see it, does it still count in the standings?