My Question for Jim Bowden and Mike Rizzo

Posted by Dave Nichols | Friday, September 19, 2008 | | 0 comments »

I am attending the Q&A with Washington Nationals GM Jim Bowden and Assistant GM Mike Rizzo today at the downtown ESPN Zone at 12:00 noon. It should be a rousing good time.

In advance, here is the question I plan to ask of them:

With notable exception, the DC baseball fan base is still relatively unsophisticated. While educated fans know, despite the Aaron Crow fiasco, how much time, energy and money is going into rebuilding a minor league system that was decimated by years of neglect while MLB was steward of the franchise, how do you explain to the casual fan -- the ones that pay to see THIS team you've assembled: journeymen starting pitchers, relief pitchers dicarded from other organizations and career back-up position players elevated to starters here -- the lack of credible major league talent on the field, when do you envision the organization investing in the MAJOR LEAGUE roster, and, projecting a bit, where do you see this team's most pressing needs once some of the home-grown talent that you've hand-selected becomes major league ready?

If someone beats me to this question, I'll just ask him about the Manny wig. Or maybe, the last time he spoke to Kevin Towers


See you all in a couple hours.