El Tigres (et Nacionales) del Licey

Posted by Dave Nichols | Thursday, October 09, 2008 | | 0 comments »

OK, my Spanish is terrible, but for those of you that need a Nats fix this winter, what better team to follow than the Licey Tigers of the Dominican Winter League?

The roster features current Nationals Ronnie Belliard, Anderson Hernandez, Emilio Bonifacio and Jesus Colome; former Nats D'Angelo Jimenez and Ramon Ortiz, and coaches Rick Aponte (pitching coach) and Julian Martinez (first base coach). Also on the squad are many current or former big leaguers.

With 21 DR League titles and 10 Caribbean World Series titles, Licey is the New York Yankees of winter ball. Here's your chance to root for a Nationals-flavored winner!

It looks like there's even a link to hear the games live! So brush up on your Spanish and follow the Licey Tigres this winter as they compete in the Dominican Winter League and the Caribbean World Series.

Photo courtesy www.licey.com