The Continuing Story of Mark Teixeira

Posted by Dave Nichols | Friday, December 19, 2008 | 0 comments »

No doubt you already have read John Henry's statements declaring the Red Sox out of the bidding for Mark Teixeira. Take that with however many grains of salt that you like. After meeting with Teixeira, and his agent Scott Boras, last night in Texas, Henry made a public statement saying that the Red Sox "are not going to be a factor" in the bidding for Teixeira's services.

That leaves the slugging first baseman with three offers on the table, and one possibly looming.

The Nats, Orioles and Angels have all ponied up offers that are reported to be in the 8-year, $160-$180M range. If a team (or teams) have upped that significantly enough to force Boston's hand, the numbers have not leaked yet.

Orioles GM Andy MacPhail said yesterday in a Baltimore Sun interview that he had the "flexibility" to make a higher bid than what was publicly known. Did he make make that offer and the numbers just haven't leaked?

The Angels are on the hook for the original bid as well at eight years, but owner Arte Moreno seemed reluctant to do more that that.

The Nationals, and GM Jim Bowden, are the real wild card here. Flush with cash and with a flair for the dramatic, Bowden may be playing this thing into what he'll consider his crowning achievement in baseball. The Lerner family has been reluctant, so far, to spend real money at the major league level.

But it seems that Bowden and assistant GM Mike Rizzo have convinced them that Teixeira is the cornerstone on which to build this franchise.

But one more team lurks, and we all know who that is. The New York Yankees, just off introducing their new starting rotation, would seem ill-prepared to than commit another $20-$22 million a year for one more player.

But it's the Yankee way, and with the Red Sox voluntarily dropping out of the stakes, is that cause for Hank Steinbrenner to swoop in and add Tex to his collection of perennial all stars? Don't forget, they have even more money coming off the books next year.

As with this entire drama, things aren't over yet. Not by a long shot.