Stan Speaks, Sort Of

Posted by Dave Nichols | Monday, February 23, 2009 | , , , | 0 comments »

Team President Stan Kasten made comments to the media today about the bonus-skimming investigation, the team's involvement, and GM Jim Bowden's involvement.

According to the transcript, it was a strange exchange of questions and non- and partial answers from Kasten.

The highlight was Kasten's refusal to simply declare his support for Bowden.

Question: Stan—how much do you support Jim (Bowden)?

Kasten: “Listen, I support everyone who works for The Washington Nationals—all the time—Period. But we are not going to talk about things that are going on away from here that I have no control of. I told you, I am going to allow the process to play out. We are going to let the chips fall where they may. We are going to look at things honestly and deal with them as is appropriate. Having said that, I am doing all the things that I can to speed the process up. There are many things going on that I cannot talk about. I hope to very soon.”

Until a decision is finally made about Bowden's status, it will be they ONLY story surrounding the Washington Nationals until opening day. If Bowden makes it that far, he's solid for the season I'm afraid.

Kasten's remarks about the soap opena not being a distraction is disingenuous. Of course it's a distraction. They sent home Bowden's confidante, Jose Rijo. The man causing all this controversy, Bowden, isn't allowed to talk about it. And when Kasten does talk about it, all he'll say is that he'll say something more at an unspecified date, hoping to make it to opening day so that the few beat reporters will be tied up with games too much to devote any time to following the real story.

Of course, having last year's opening day starter signed, not show up to camp, and released was a distraction too. Hmm, I wonder who was in charge of that fiasco? Oh well, yet another Jim Bowden blunder that he apparently won't be held accountable for.