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Monday we saw the Nats beat Florida 3-1 in Jupiter in the afternoon, and in the evening we saw Venezuela defeat Puerto Rico 2-0 in Miami in the WBC. We're exhausted. Tomorrow we don't have anything until the Caps game at 7:00 pm. I might sleep until 6 pm.

Anyway, the Nats game was very interesting, as we got to see Shawn Hill and Jordan Zimmermann pitch. Hill started and looked sharp, throwing 15 pitches--11 strikes--while striking out two and getting a fly ball to center. It's baby steps for Hill, and by all indications he came out of the game feeling good. It's how he feels tomorrow that's really important.

Zimmermann took over in the second, and he was simply terrific. 4 IP, 0 runs, 2 hits, 6 Ks, 0 walks, 64 PC, 46 strikes. He threw a 94-MPH fastball, a sharp curve, a tight slider, mixed things up, really pitched. Only in one inning did he allow more than one base runner, and that was after two outs. If I had more energy right now I'd be more descriptive, but I'll leave you with this: He's good.

Mike Hinckley gave up a run in his 1.1 innings, but the runner reached on an error by SS Alex Cintron. Towers and Mock cleaned up.

As for the WBC game, let me tell you something: It was incredible. The passion and enthusiasm displayed by the Venezuelan and Puerto Rican fans at Dolphin Stadium was something that I have never experienced. It was how I would imagine soccer's World Cup or the Olympics. Those people, and apparently the players, are taking things very seriously.

Maybe that's one of the reasons why the U.S. team has managed to disappoint thus far. It's just not that important to them (us). But it sure was to the people at Dolphin Stadium tonight. Singing and dancing continued out into the parking lots and streets well after the game was over. Just an incredible thing to be a part of.

We did get to see Saul Rivera pitch for the Puerto Rican team. He came on with a runner on in the seventh inning and retired the next three batters to get his country out of the inning unscathed.
I also have to mention that the food at Dolphin Stadium is by far the best food I have ever had at any stadium. They were even selling fresh empanadas and arepas.
Tomorrow we have nothing scheduled during the day, thankfully. Then, in the evening we see the Capitals face the Florida Panthers. Hopefully the Caps look better Tuesday than they did losing to Atlanta 5-1 Monday night. Alex Ovechkin sits at 49 goals for the season. It would be nice if #50 came in a tough road win in the Sunshine State.

Cheryl will post full slideshows of both events tomorrow once we get up and functioning again.