Tonight kicks off the "Battle of the Beltways" between the Nats and their geographical rivals to the north, the Baltimore Orioles.

So head on doown to the park, hon, and grab yersef a Natty Bowh, if you ain't going downy o-chen dis weekend fer Mem-Oriole day. Gew O-ree-os.

It's funnier if you say it out loud.

This analytical piece about Ryan Zimmerman's success so far this season is an interesting read, though. And it's pretty much in plain English, as far as statistics go.

BALTIMORE ORIOLES (16-25, 5th in AL East--9.5 games back; four-game loss streak)

Roberts - 2B
Jones - CF
Markakis - RF
Huff - 1B
Mora - 3B
Reimold - LF
Moeller - C
Izturis - SS
Hill - P

WASHINGTON NATIONALS (12-28-1, 5th in NL East--10.5 games back; one-game win streak)

Guzman - SS
Johnson - 1B
Zimmerman - 3B
Dunn - RF
Willingham - LF
Belliard - 2B
Bard - C
Maxwell - CF
Zimmermann - P


WAS: Jordan Zimmermann (34.0 IP, 2-1, 6.35 ERA, 32 Ks, 11 BBs)
BAL: Rich Hill (5.2 IP, 1-0, 3.18 ERA, 6 Ks, 2 BBs)


Clear and warm with just a touch of humidity. First pitch: 82F; last out: 74F. 0% chance of rain.


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