NATS GAME NIGHT, GAME 58*: Reds at Nats--Starting Lineups

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All apologies for not providing a Good, Bad & Ugly for last night's game. With the draft last night, late finish, and busy day at the real job today, I just couldn't squeeze it in.

If you missed it, the Nats lost.

Actually, that's not entirely fair. Detwiler pitched pretty well, but reinforced the idea that he needs to keep runners off the bases via walk. Dukes and Guzman provided the fireworks (all pun intended).

Another sloppy one out there tonight. Take your umbrella!

CINCINNATI REDS (30-27, 3nd in NL Central--2.5 games back; one-game winning streak)

Hairston - 3B
Taveras - CF
Phillips - 2B
Nix - LF (7-for-24 with 3 homers and six RBIs in last seven games)
Hernandez - 1B
Bruce - RF
Gonzalez - SS
Hanigan - C
Harang - P

WASHINGTON NATIONALS (15-41-1, 5th in NL East--18 games back; two-game losing streak):

Guzman - SS
Johnson - 1B
Zimmerman - 3B
Dunn - LF
Dukes - CF
Willingham - RF
Belliard - 2B
Bard - C (four for his last eleven)
Martis - P


WAS: Shairon Martis (62.2 IP, 5-1, 5.31 ERA, 27 Ks, 27 BBs)
CIN: Aaron Harang (76.2 IP, 5-6, 4.11 ERA, 65 Ks, 17 BBs)


Showers and thunderstorms likely. First pitch 82F, final out 70F.