NATS GAME NIGHT, GAME 70*: Red Sox at Nats (kinda)

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Thankfully, tonight is the finale of a three-game interleague series with the Boston Red Sox. Really, they should just be called "America's Red Sox", because every city in the major leagues has a strong, vibrant, and educated Red Sox fan base.

Every team in baseball should get a series with the Sox every year, just so their long-suffering fans (they haven't won the series 2007, don't you know) are able to get a glimpse of the greatness that is Red Sox baseball.

An extra added bonus tonight: Boston pitches John Smoltz, part of the model that Stan Kasten and the rest of the front office uses in constructing the first great Nationals team. Who is Smoltzie on this Nats team then? Zimmermann, maybe? Surprise! That's who's pitching for the Nats tonight! It's Old Smoltz v. New Smoltz.

Man, I'll be glad when interleague play is over and I can get on with my life.

BOSTON RED SOX (44-27, 1st in AL East; four-game winning streak)

Pedroia – 2B
Drew – RF
Bay – LF
Ortiz – 1B
Lowell – 3B
Varitek – C
Ellsbury – CF
Green – SS
Smoltz – P

WASHINGTON NATIONALS (20-49, 5th in NL East--17 games back; three-game losing streak)

Guzman – SS
Johnson – 1B
Zimmerman – 3B
Dunn – LF
Willingham – RF
Bard – C
Harris – CF
Hernandez – 2B
Zimmermann – P


WAS: Jordan Zimmermann (62.2 IP, 2-3, 5.03 ERA, 63 Ks, 19 BBs)
BOS: John Smoltz (season debut)

Partly cloudy, warm. Slightest chance of a pop-up t-storm. Game time: 88F. Last out: 80F.