Tonight's game against the Cards is a makeup for a rain postponement back in May. Looks like we'll get this one in, but there's every chance we'll have to sit through a delay at some point tonight as well. Joy.

At least if we have a rain delay it'll be on the heels of a two-game winning streak.

Welcome back to the bigs, Collin Balester. Go get Albert Pujols out. (ed.--Wait! Pujols isn't in the lineup!!! LaRussa thinks the Nats are the j.v. team. C'mon Bally!

P.S. Look at the Cards lineup and tell me two things: 1) how are they a first place team and, b) couldn't they use a player or two?

ST. LOUIS CARDINALS (51-46, 1st in NL Central; three-game losing streak)
Shumaker – 2B
Rasmus – CF
DeRosa – 1B
Ludwick – RF
Ankiel – LF
Molina – C
Thurston – 3B
Ryan – SS
Wainwright – P

WASHINGTON NATIONALS (28-66, 5th in NL East -- 26 games back; two-game winning streak)

Morgan - 8 (10-for-27 (.370) last seven days)
Guzman - 6
Zimmerman - 5 (4-for-21 (.190) last seven days)
Dunn - 7
Johnson - 3
Willingham - 9
Gonzalez - 4
Bard - 2 (3-for-16 (.188) last seven days)
Balester - 1


WAS: Collin Balester (2009 debut; 7-9 with a 4.35 ERA in 19 starts for Syracuse)
STL: Adam Wainwright (137.1 IP, 10-6, 3.01 ERA, 123 K, 51 BB)