According to this Boston Globe report citing "Major League sources," the Boston Red Sox put in a claim on SS Cristian Guzman, whom the Nationals placed on waivers. The article describes the recent injury to Boston SS Jed Lowrie as the impetus on the claim.

During the waiver-wire trade period, it's customary for teams to put many of their players on waivers, with the intent on judging the trade value for those players. If a player is claimed, the two teams then have 48 hours to work out a deal, allow the player to simply be claimed, or the starting team can withdraw the player off of waivers and retain the player for the season.

In order for the Red Sox to be awarded the claim, every team in the NL and 2/3 of the AL teams would have had to pass on Guzman, and $8 million salary next season.

Guzman is hot again, and casual fans love watching Guzman when he's hot, as he strays base hits all over the stadium. But he is a very streaky hitter, provides absolutely no power, and is terrible defensively.

If the two teams can't work out a deal for a significant player in return, the Nats should just let Sox assume his contract, freeing up that $8 million,and channeling it into a run at Orlando Hudson, a superior player to Guzman, next season.

Oh, by the way, deadline for Strasburg now at 8 days and counting...

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS (50-61, 4th in NL West--17 games back; two-game losing streak)

Oeltjen -- LF
Roberts -- 2B
Drew -- SS
Reynolds -- 3B
Tracy -- 1B
Snyder -- C
Romero -- RF
Young -- CF
Petit -- RHP

WASHINGTON NATIONALS (39-72, 5th in NL East--23.5 games back; seven-game win streak)

Morgan -- CF
Guzman -- SS
Zimmerman -- 3B
Dunn -- 1B
Willingham -- LF
Dukes -- RF
Bard -- C
Gonzalez -- 2B
Martin -- P


WAS: J.D. Martin, RHP (16.1 IP, 0-2, 7.16 ERA, 7 K, 5 BB)
ARI: Yusmeiro Petit, RHP (57.1 IP, 2-5, 5.81 ERA, 48 K, 23 BB)


Partly cloudy, hot and humid. Game time: 92F. Last out: 94F.