Nationals' 2010 Schedule Released

Posted by Cheryl Nichols | Tuesday, September 15, 2009 | , | 0 comments »

MLB announced master 2010 schedule today. Nats 2010 Schedule highlights below.

The Nationals host their home opener and last home regular season game against NL East rival Philadelphia Phillies.

Home opener is Monday, April 5. Last home game is Wednesday, September 29.

Good news is that the Nats play at home for all of the major holidays in 2010, except Memorial Day
-Mothers's Day - Sunday, May 9th v. Marlins
-Father's Day - Sunday, June 20th vs. Chicago White Sox
-Independence Day - Monday, July 4th v. Mets (four game series July 1-4)
-Labor Day - Monday, September 6th v. Mets

Battle of the Beltway:
-Nats host Orioles - May 21-23
-Nats travel to Baltimore - June 25-27

Interleague Play (vs. AL Central minus Twins):
-Nats travel to Cleveland Indians - June 11-13
-Nats travel to Detroit Tigers - June 15-17
-Nats host Chicago White Sox - June 18-20
-Nats host Kansas City Royals - June 21-23

Nats finish the regular season on the road at CitiField for a three game series facing New York Mets October 1-3.

Let the travel planning begin.....