Who's insulting whom now?

Not six hours after I posted one of my more scathing diatribes, the universe aligns and interim manager Jim Riggleman pencils Ian Desmond into the starting lineup for tonight's game against Philly.

Hmm, wonder if Rizzo was listening to everything Riggles was saying and re-thought the interim manager's opinion. Unless in the pre-game presser Riggles says Guzie's bunions were acting up and they decided to get the kid in there. Or they know it's going to get rained out?

PHILADELPHIA PHILLES (79-58, 1st in NL East; six-game win streak)

Rollins - SS
Victorino - CF
Utley - 2B
Howard - 1B
Ibanez - LF
Werth - RF
Feliz - 3B
Ruiz - C
Blanton - P

WASHINGTON NATIONALS (47-92, 5th in NL East, 34 games back; two-game losing streak)

Harris - CF
Orr - 2B
Zimmerman - 3B
Dunn - 1B
Willingham - LF
Dukes - RF
Desmond - SS
Nieves - C
Livan! - P


WAS: Livan Hernanez (154.0 IP, 7-10, 5.44 ERA, 92 K, 58 BB)
PHI: Joe Blanton (166.0 IP, 9-6, 3.80 ERA, 136 K, 43 BB)


Overcast skies and rounds of showers will make for less-than-ideal baseball weather. Bring your rain gear. Chance of rain: 65%. First pitch: 68F. Last out: 63F.