The Washington Nationals brought Mike MacDougal, he of the 20 saves but 1.666 WHIP, back into the fold today, just a day after the Florida Marlins decided they couldn't live with all his walks.

What does that mean to the tenuous constitution of the bullpen?

Here's the guess:  they didn't bring him back to be the commissioner of their fantasy football league.  MacDougal, despite all his flaws, had success last season--he's the devil they know.

They brought in Tyler Walker on a major league contract, and he's been the worst reliever in camp.  Miguel Batista really isn't a short guy, and Matt Capps and Brian Bruney each have had their struggles this spring as well.

So, even though Big Mac is as wild as a spring breaker in Cancun, he's back in a Washington uniform.

The more things change...


  1. EdDC // March 28, 2010 at 11:53 PM  

    Seems like one of the better bargain basement moves. Not as good as the big league moves, but it will do for the Nats. We exist in the twilight zone between major and minor leagues. So, bottom line, an acceptable move. I have no problem with this one!