As we try to sort out some problems with my ability to shoot/download/upload video, there are the highlights from this morning's press conference with Nats' Manager Jim Riggleman.

On Ryan Zimmerman, and his lingering soreness in his right hamstring:

"He is definitely available to pinch-hit, but again, same restrictions on the running and… just trying to get that area there to go away where it's been sore."
On whether the team has contemplated the DL:

"We're not there. He's able to swing and right now if that's the only thing I can do is use him to hit for the pitcher, then we'll continue to look at that.

Once we do that, then we've lost the days where we can backdate it. We're a little bit strapped. Willie is a little tender and Pudge's back was aching a little."
On the short bench:

"When you're only carrying five extra men anyway, and a couple of them are unavailable, then you've just got to be careful how you use people. I don't want a situation where we are not able to back-date Zim at some point if we ever chose to do that. I really am anticipating him being able to play in Chicago.
The concern there will be the cold weather but we've got to make sure he's totally ready to go. Maybe a day game where I can start him in Chicago, and then we go down to Florida."
Revealing Willie Harris has had some knee troubles of late:
"Harris - I'm not going to start him in the ballgame. I'll use him if needed as a pinch hitter. We've got a lot of good athletes on the ballclub.

I think it's his right knee. It's been sore. It's been sore for a little while and he's played. Both plays yesterday got him. The one up against the wall where he banged himself and then diving on the one in front of him just kind of aggravated what was already sore."
Bill Ladson of reports that Harris injured the knee making the diving catch against the Mets last week, and he had an MRI on it Saturday, the results of which were negative.

Riggleman also said he needed to be careful with his bullpen today after yesterday's 13 inning game.  He's hoping that today's starter, Scott Olsen, cna give him the innings he needs witht he bullpen a little beat up.

Today's start is very important to Olsen, coming off a disaster start where he couldn't get out of the third inning.  The Nats have been Jekyll and Hyde with starters, either getting very good performances or rather terrible ones. and Olsen really needs to compete today to keep hold of his spot and provide the innings his team needs.


Dodgers:  Furcal SS, Martin C, Kemp CF, Loney 1B, Blake 3B, Belliard 2B, Anderson LF, Johnson RF, Billingsly P

Nationals:  Morgan CF, Kennedy 3B, Guzman 2B, Dunn 1B, Willingham LF, Rodriguez C, Desmond SS, Maxwell RF, Olsen P