The following are photos that were taken at the Altoona Curve v. Harrisburg Senators game on Sunday, May 2. It had been rumored that Sunday's start might be Strasburg's last start in Harrisburg before being promoted toTriple-AAA Syracuse.  Strasburg's fifth start turned out to be his first career loss, as the Curve beat the Senators 7-1.

Strasburg went four and two-thirds innings before reaching his pitch count total for the day.  He allowed four runs (three earned) on six hits and three walks, striking out four.

All Photos 2010 © Cheryl Nichols Photography/Nationals News Network. All Rights Reserved.

Harrisburg Starting Lineup for May 2, 2010

Strasburg making his 5th start for Harrisburg

Fans lined up along wall to watch Strasburg warmup

Strasburg warming in the bullpen

Fan wearing a Harrisburg Strasburg shirt (there were LOTS of these seen around park)

Strasburg and Coach Tomlin after 1st warmup. Game was delayed so they went back to clubhouse

Fans were happy to see that the tarp was rolled back up.

Coach Tomlin, Stephen Strasburg and Catcher Sean Rooney ready to start

Stephen Strasburg and Catcher Sean Rooney

Stephen Strasburg with game face

Stephen Strasburg gets high-fives from teammates before game

Stephen Strasburg before first pitch

Stephen Strasburg working his magic

Stephen Strasburg

Stephen Strasburg in the dugout during bottom of an inning

Sold out crowd to see Stephen Strasburg pitch

Stephen Strasburg

Stephen Strasburg ran into some trouble during the 2nd inning and had a meeting at mound

Stephen Strasburg on deck

Stephen Strasburg up to bat

Stephen Strasburg bunts

Stephen Strasburg's bunt was unsuccessful

Stephen Strasburg at Metro Bank Park

Stephen Strasburg

Notice the display board with mph. 96 or higher showed up quite a few times.

Harrisburg Manager Randy Knorr was ejected from the game for arguing a call at first after he kicked dirt. Stephen Strasburg was on deck while this feud occurred.

Stephen Strasburg

Stephen Strasburg

Stephen Strasburg

Stephen Strasburg reached pitch count for this outing

Stephen Strasburg is congratulated by teammates.

A little smile when Stephen Strasburg was asked if he'd like to pitch on a day without rain (all five starts have been wet days) at his post-game press conference

Stephen Strasburg at his post-game press conference.


  1. cass // May 3, 2010 at 1:45 PM  

    Just want to point out that his first start in Altoona was on a mostly sunny day with no rain. I actually got sunburn that day. The rest of his starts have been on wet days, though.

    Also, out of curiousity, did they still have a "sponsored" National Anthem in Harrisburg, complete with ads running on the scoreboards during the siging?

  2. Jenn Jenson // May 3, 2010 at 2:28 PM  

    Nice photos, Cheryl. Chris Marrero shot is a bonus. : )

  3. Cheryl Nichols // May 3, 2010 at 5:04 PM  

    Thanks Jenn. I have more shots of other players that will go up in a separate post, incluing a few great ones of Danny Espinoza. This one just focused on Strasburg.

    Cass - Thanks for pointing that out. At the press conference they said all other starts had been wet days so I appreciate the correction. To be honest, I didn't notice if there were ads running during the National Anthem. I was too busy snapping shots of Stasburg. LOL.

  4. cass // May 3, 2010 at 10:00 PM  

    Btw, those are some good pictures of Strasburg... clear, highres, and good poses/pitch grips. Nice job. It is wonderful how close you can get in the minors.