Random Thoughts on Sunday Morning

Posted by Dave Nichols | Sunday, August 29, 2010 | , , , , , | 0 comments »

While waiting for Manager Jim Riggleman's pre-game press conference...


  • After popping up in his first at bat last night, Adam Dunn came back to the dugout shaking his head, almost in disbelief.  If the work he and Rick Eckstein did on video yesterday really clicked, it might have been in that first at bat that he "figured something out", and put it to work later on the home run.

  • Upon rewatching the play at the plate with Nyjer Morgan and Cards catcher Bryan Anderson, it was apparent Morgan went directly at Anderson without regard as to touching home plate.  He even brought his left arm up to "flipper" him, a common hockey check.  Maybe Morgan thought Anderson was standing on the plate, but the rookie catcher was three feet in front, where he belonged on a play where he wasn't going to get the throw.

  • Props to Livan Hernandez on last night's effort.  He wasn't particularly sharp, and he twisted his right knee in his second at bat and was noticably limping on it throughout.  But he gutted out 6 1/3 and kept him team in it until the torrent of runs came.

  • In stark contrast to Morgan -- who might be playing himself out of a job-- how about Roger Bernadina?  He sure looks like he wants to start somewhere next season.  The next five weeks is all about effort and desire for playing time next season.

  • According to a tweet from MLB.com's Bill Ladson, MASN color guy Rob Dibble will not be travelling with the Nats on their road trip this week.  I guess his mouth finally wrote a check his butt couldn't cash.  Seriously though, the TV commentators are the team's first line of marketing this team.  Why would they want someone so polarizing in that spot in the first place?  People either love him or hate him, but his comments about Strasburg, before knowing the results of his medical tests, were irresponsible.