According to multiple sources, Washington Nationals outfielder Nyjer Morgan has been suspended eight games for his role in "three separate incidents" in the past week:  initiating contact with St. Louis Cardinals catcher Bryan Anderson, inappropriate comments made to Florida Marlins fans on Tuesday night after he bowled into catcher Brett Hayes, and Wednesday night's brawl and aftermath.

Morgan has a hearing scheduled for next Friday.

Additionally, manager Jim Riggleman was suspended two games, third base coach Pat Listach suspended three games and pitcher Doug Slaten got three games, as hit Gaby Sanchez with a pitch after play had resumed.

Florida staff suspended:  pitcher Chris Volstad (six games), pitcher Alex Sanabia (five games), Sanchez (three games) and manager Edwin Rodriguez (one game).
I've watched the replays of the brawl about a dozen times, and all I can see of Alex Sanabia is him getting tossed like a rag doll by Adam Dunn out of the pile. For that he gets just three games less than Morgan?

It will be interesting to read the final report from this one.

For MLB to actually cite all three incidents and Morgan to get off with "only" eight games is very surprising, considering he already has an appeal scheduled for throwing a ball into the stands after an on-going confrontation with fans in Philadelphia, which injured a fan not related to the goings-on.

If both suspensions are withheld, Morgan will miss 15 of the Nats final 28 games.