• Dang, it's cold in Pittsburgh.  Definitely sweatshirts and jeans weather.

  • First guy we see getting out of the parking garage was wearing a Penguins windbreaker and Steelers cap.  Naturally.

  • The Nationals plan to recall Yuneski Maya, Collin Balester and Ross Detwiler on Monday, according to multiple reports.  You have to figure at this point Maya will slide right into Scott Olsen's spot in the rotation, and perhaps the Nats will do like they do with rehabbing starters in the minors on a four or five inning limit, and bring another starter in behind him after he gets his (hopefully) five innings in.  With Zimmermann, Livan, Lannan, Marquis, Maya, Detwiler and Olsen, that's seven starters for five rotation spots.

  • Still buzzing about Danny Espinosa's first two games in the big leagues.  At 23, his glove is major league ready.  The play he made ranging far to his left to record a ground out in the middle of the game last night was on a ball that no one that's played second base this season evne gets close to making a play on.  It's going to be how well his bat plays, and his ability to get on base consistantly, that will tell what type of major leaguer he's going to be.  But with him at second and Desmond at short, there both be a lot of balls that sneak through the middle infield.

  • For the last two days, Manager Jim Riggleman has had Espinosa and Desmond out on the field before batting practice working on exchanges on the double play.

  • Third base coach Pat Listach had his suspension reduced from three games to two after speaking with the league offices.

  • Finally, if you're in Pittsburgh for the games this weekend, find us in the park.  We'll be walking arounnd pre-game and we're in section 12 tonight and 115 on Sunday.  Mmm, Primanti Bros.


  1. Souldrummer // September 4, 2010 at 4:37 PM  

    Jealous, jealous that I won't be able to make it out to Pittsburgh this weekend at all. At least they finally have some young players to follow for their fans, but winning's still a long ways off. Great to see that Desmond's getting another start tonight and that we'll finally have the end of Scott Olsen. Do you know if anything's up with Livo's knee or his health? I know it's not going to happen, but I'd rather see Livo's innings cut. He's got a guaranteed contract for next year and I'd like to be kinder to his body now that we have less need for innings eating.

    I don't need to see Detwiler in the rotation. I'd have no problem having him pitch long relief since the plan should be to start him at Syracuse next year and he still has health concerns.

    Zimmermann, Marquis, Maya, Lannan, and Livo should be the leaders in the clubhouse for the starting 5.

    Detwiler, Mock, Atilano, Martis, and Milone would be my AAA rotation in order of likelihood to see time in DC next year. Hopefully Meyers would break into the Syracuse rotation at some point next year as well, perhaps to replace Detwiler if he gets called up for performance or injury replacement.