• If I told you you the Nats could acquire a fast center fielder capable of highight-reel catches, 30 steal speed and hit .308/.359/.387, would you take it?  What if I told you those are Nyjer Morgan's lifetime numbers...batting against right-handed pitchers?  That's why it's not so obvious what the Nats should do about Morgan.  For all the headache he's caused this season, when he plays within himself and IF he had a reliable platoon partner, he is still a dangerous Major League player. 

  • Then again, if the Nats still think he's the everyday answer in centerfield, they ought to fire their stats guys.  Lifetime against lefties, Morgan hits a pitcher-like .209/.298/.281.  That's right, his slugging agaisnt lefties is lower than his pitiful OBP.  FYI, Livo's lifetime SLG is .294.

  • One man's guess?  Philly suspension reduced to two games, Florida suspension upheld.  Morgan misses 10 games.

  • Tied up in all of yesterday's Dunn talk you keep seeing statements about Dunn being Zim's best friend, and what the means to him in the line-up, etc., blah, blah, blah.  It's bunk.  Zimmerman hit the same this season in the clean-up spot as he did with Dunn hitting behind him.  As for Zim having his two best seasons as a pro with Dunn in D.C., let's think about that for a second.  Zim's been healthy, and at age 24 and 25 shouldn't he be getting better every season?  Why would his OBP go up the last two years with all that protection behind him?  He's just getting better.

  • As for their personal relationship and Zim's feeling toward the team if they let him go?  Overrated.  If the Nats start winning and Zim gets paid, they can still exchange Christmas cards.

  • And finally, it's Hispanic Heritage Night at Nats Park tonight, and some of the nicest weather of the year.  What more excuse do you need to come out to the park?