Random Thoughts on a Tuesday Morning

Posted by Dave Nichols | Tuesday, October 19, 2010 | , , | 0 comments »


  • From www.Nationals360.com, OF Bryce Harper talked to Byron Kerr about his visions for the future of the Washington Nationals. 
"We're going to be the Yankees of the NL East.  I've been telling everybody that.  I think we're going to be the top program in the NL East, and we're going to roll.  We're going to win some World Series.  That's everybody's goal.  [Nationals minor league coordinator] Bobby Henley preached that from day one - we're going to win the NL East one day.  I really believe we're going to do that.  Hopefully we bring a couple World Series to Washington DC."
  • This article discussed the possibility of the Detroit Tigers making a big push for Adam Dunn in the off-season.  The Tigers may -- or may not -- be interested in Dunn, but this article is really just mindless specualtion by a columnist trying to fill digital inches in his online newspaper.
  • Sounds like Yu Darvish is staying in Japan.  Good for him.
  • This guy would look awful good as the right-handed hitting platoon in CF and nice bat off the bench next season for the Nats.  Just sayin'.
  • Cliff Lee keeps adding zeros to the end of the number on his next contract.