RESULT: Nats lose to Marlins 6-5.

GOOD: Home runs by Elijah Dukes and Dmitri Young - back-to-back - in the fifth inning.

BAD: Jon Rauch. He's been doing the job all year long since Cordero went down, but tonight he got lit up. Homer in the bottom of the ninth to Hanley Ramirez to tie, homer to Josh Willingham in the bottom of the tenth to lose.

UGLY: Roger Bernadina. 0-for-5, 3 Ks. He's going to have some rough nights in the next few weeks, and this was certainly one of them.

NEWS: Pete Orr was returned to Triple-A Columbus to make room to activate Colin Balestar, Tuesday's starting pitcher, making his MLB debut.

INJURY UPDATE: Chad Cordero out for at leat this year, probalby most of next with a torn labrum. He's been hiding this all year long. Here's what Chico at WaPo had to say:
Chad Cordero was discovered today, after receiving an arthrogram, to have a torn labrum. He will miss the rest of the season -- at least. He had been down in Viera, Fla., trying to come back from the shoulder injury that's bothered him all season. Cordero likely had the tear -- to some degree -- all season. He had been troubled by his lack of progress during rehab, and the team had been looking for an explanation.
NEXT GAME: Tuesday in Florida against the Marlins. The aforementioned Balestar versus Mark Hendrickson (7-6, 5.93).