Screech Gets A Makeover

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Posted by Cheryl Nichols, Contributor to Nats News Network

Thought I would do a light-hearted post for a Friday morning. Disclosure - I'll tell you right now that I have never been a big fan of mascots and think that they are pretty silly, however, know that kids like them (and a few adults I suppose).

A few roster moves are not the only changes for the Nationals in the off-season. Even Screech is getting a makeover!

As most of you know, the mascot for the Washington Nationals is an eagle named "Screech" that hatched on April 17, 2005 at RFK stadium.

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Most fans would agree that Screech could be described as "a bit overweight" (eating all of the fried food at the ballpark cannot be helping). I am hoping that Screech trimmed down in the off-season so that he can be a little more competitive with the slim and fit Oriole bird dance-off.

Screech has been seen recently working out. He joined fellow DC eagles (
Capitals "Slapshot" and United "Talon") and several other regional mascots at Penguins v. Capitals game on Friday, February 20. to play a little hockey at the mascot hockey game between second and third periods. Let's hope that Screech looks a little more like "Slapshot" than the Philadelphia Eagle "Swoop" (who was rightly booed off the ice!)

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"Screech" and Narrated by Nationals in-game host Clint with members of Nat Pack
WHAT: Unveiling of "Screech" new look; meet-and greet with fans; slideshow featuring “Screech” through the years
WHEN: Monday, March 2, 2009, 12- 1 pm
ESPN Zone, 555 12th Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20004

“Screech” will make a variety of appearances in the month leading up to start of the 2009 Nationals season to show off his fresh-feathered look.