GB&U GAME 26: Oh, Danny Boy...

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THE RESULT: The Los Angeles Dodgers scored seven runs in the home half of the sixth inning against three pitchers, as they defeated the Washington Nationals 10-3 to set a modern-day major league record for a home winning streak to start the season at 13 games.

The Dodgers pounded out 11 hits, and the Nats pitchers, led by starter Daniel Cabrera, issued eight walks.

Cabrera (0-3, 4.85) finished the night throwing five and one-third innings, giving up five runs--four earned--on six hits and five walks. He's now walked 22 in 29.2 innings against just 10 strikeouts for the season. In his last four starts, he's allowed 18 walks in 18.2 innings.

Michael Hinckley and Logan Kensing were no better. Hinckley came first, giving up a hit and a walk--with ball four sailing 20 feet over the head of catcher Jesus Flores into the screen behind home plate. Both runners scored.

Kensing allowed three earned on three hits and two walks.

Washington had a couple of glimmers of hope. First, Ryan Zimmerman extended his major league leading hitting streak to 24 games with a first inning single. Cristian Guzman had three more hits. And Flores hit his third home run of the season.

THE TAKEAWAY: Cabrera is bad. I said it when they signed him in December, I was more eloquent about it when it became official, and reiterated it in spring training.

How much longer do the Nats need to see it for themselves?

THE GOOD: Cristian Guzman. He went 3-for-5 with two runs scored.

THE BAD: 5-6-7 hitters. Dukes, Kearns and Belliard combined to go 0-for-9 with two walks and four Ks, leaving a collective seven runners on.

THE UGLY: Logan Kensing. Avert your eyes! 28 pitches, only 16 for strikes. And the strikes were pounded. He isn't fooling anyone.

HONORABLE MENTION: Hinckley's ball to the screen will go down in infamy, just like Matt Chico's curveball to the dugout two years ago. At least it happened in the middle of the night and there were only a few of us watching.

NEXT GAME: Nats try again tonight in La-La Land. Rookie Jordan Zimmermann (2-1, 4.24) takes on grizzled veteran Randy Wolf (1-1, 3.93) for the Dodgers at 10:10 pm ET.