Nats News Network leaves for Spring Training Sunday morning, and in the span of eight days we will see nine baseball games and a hockey game. At least. Eight days in Florida and we'll never see the ocean.

We'll be posting notes and pictures from each game, so set your google readers or blogrolls or whatever. One thing we won't be doing is "tweeting". I refuse. So far.

Here's our schedule:

Sun 3/15: DET at Nats in Viera (1:05 pm)

Mon 3/16: Nats at FLA in Jupiter (1:05 pm); WBC Winner’s Bracket in Miami (8:00 pm)

Tues 3/17: Caps at FLA in Miami (7:30 pm)

Wed 3/18: BAL at STL in Jupiter (1:05 pm); FLA at Nats in Viera (7:05 pm)

Thur 3/19: BAL at Nats in Viera (1:05 pm)

Fri 3/20: Nats at DET in Lakeland (1:05 pm)

Sat 3/21: STL at Nats in Viera (1:05 pm)

Sun 3/22: Nats at HOU in Kissimmee (1:05 pm)

And in case you missed it, here's the Nats spring training guide I wrote for CBS